History of the Ouroboros Society

NYC Map The Ouroboros Society was founded in 1923 by August Strickland, Professor of Theology at Columbia University. Dr. Strickland's interest in the subject of reincarnation dated back to his days as a student at the university. However, after the deaths of his wife and children during the flu pandemic of 1918, the study of reincarnation became the focus of Dr. Strickland's life. He used his family fortune to create the Society, and he housed the organization in his own mansion opposite Gramercy Park in Manhattan.

One of the only private clubs in 1920s Manhattan to boast members of both sexes and all races and religions, the Ouroboros Society was open to anyone who believed he or she had led multiple lives. Today, we've learned how to weed out pretenders, but August Strickland's Society was a ragtag bunch. There were members who were merely interested in the subject of reincarnation—and there were those who possessed great talents that had accumulated over dozens of lives.

Gramercy Park

Photo top right: Map of New York City in 1920s when the Ouroboros Society was founded.
Photo above: Gramercy Park, where the institution is now located.

One such individual was an orphan by the name of Ethan Evans. Dr. Strickland had rescued the young man from an asylum where he'd been committed by foster parents. Evans was said to possess remarkable gifts. He claimed to have led hundreds of lives, and while most people remember brief snippets of their previous existences, Evans' memory was reportedly perfect. Unfortunately, Evans was a troubled soul. Most people now believe that in the summer of 1925, Ethan Evans murdered the man who had become his mentor.

Despite the tragedy, the Ouroboros Society has managed to thrive. Under new leadership, our membership became increasingly selective. Over the last ninety years, we have developed an excellent system for identifying individuals who are not new to Earth, and we look for applicants who possess great talents or potential. Those who are invited to join the Society quickly learn what it means to be one of the Eternal Ones.

We never publicize our membership, but today the Ouroboros Society is home to some of the most famous business people, scientists, artists, and politicians in the world. Join us and discover all the benefits of membership!