7 Signs Soul of Your Partner Reincarnated

Have you ever noticed strange phrases your partner says or a kind of strange behavior? If you'd noticed something, we are sure that you chalked it up to his or her mood or you even though that it only seemed to you. Each person heard about reincarnation at least once. These theories and statements may seem absurd in the 21st century, where people believe in science and scientific progress more than in other spiritual issues. But perhaps you must get acquainted with the signs of soul reincarnation to explain the features of your partner's behavior. Perhaps you were married in previous lives and destiny decided to cross your paths again.
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Explore the key signs of soul reincarnation:

1. The feeling of 'out of sorts'

If he or she often says that this world is foreign, it's the first sign of soul reincarnation. Such souls travel to find their home and fail to find it. Everything that is normal for you isn't normal for your partner, etc.

2. Recurring dreams

Your partner can see the dream with the same events many times. It can be either scary or fun, but the key feature is that it repeats from time to time.

3. He or she is an empath

Whereas some people tend to not pay attention to others' problems, your partner tends to absorb the emotions of others, emphasizing people's concerns and worries. The ability to experience what other people experience is very rare and valuable.

4. Good intuition

Not only women have powerful intuition. In general, intuition is a person's ability to access hidden knowledge, sense some events and things before they happen. People who have strong intuition can strike a balance between the conscious and unconscious mind. If your partner's gut is too good and greatly helps you in your life, it's time to think about reincarnation.

5. Partner is interested in a particular culture

Being interested in a certain culture or the period is okay. Still, if your second half keeps telling you many things he or she knows inherently and spends too much time exploring the detailed aspects of a certain era, perhaps, he or she lived in this era before.

6. Deja Vu occurs too often

A person who experiences this mental state feels that this situation has already occurred before, that he or she has already been at this place. But it's possible to connect this 'memory' to a particular moment of the past. Two-thirds of mentally healthy people have experienced this state at least once.

7. Memories from unfamiliar places

Suppose your partner has never been in a particular country or never faced any situation but has a few memories of this moment. In that case, it's the evident sign that his or her soul experienced something like reincarnation.