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History of the Society

The Ouroboros Society was founded in 1923 by August Strickland, Professor of Theology at Columbia University. Dr. Strickland's interest in the subject of reincarnation dated back to his days as a student at the university. However, after the deaths of his wife and children during the flu pandemic of 1918, the study of reincarnation became the focus of Dr. Strickland's life. He used his family fortune to create the Society, and he housed the organization in his own mansion opposite Gramercy Park in Manhattan.

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Are you one of us?

When you were a very small child, did you seem to have your own "language?"

Are you one of us?

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The Evidence Exists?

These videos further substantiate the case in favor of reincarnation, for those who are still skeptical.

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Guest post



My name is Claus, and I grew up in Bad Homburg, Germany. When I was just a little boy, I had an imaginary friend named Fred Jones. I would spend hours whispering to him in English, a language which I was just beginning to learn in school. Fred and I always talked about another boy named Jonathan. Something terrible had happened to Jonathan and we didn't know who to tell.

My parents were both psychiatrists, and they thought imaginary friends were nothing out of the ordinary. They were a little surprised to hear me conversing with Fred in English, but they both spoke the language themselves, and they thought I had picked it up listening to them. From time to time I would also call myself Jake...

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